Family upset over damage at Cobb County cemetery

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A family is upset after learning a car may have driven through the cemetery where their loved one is buried.

"This is my safe haven," Tracy Kinnemore said, walking through Holly Springs Cemetery. "This is where I come, cry, this is where I pray."

For 18 years, Kinnemore has visited her daughter Angel's grave in Cobb County.

But this weekend completely uprooted that longtime tradition.

On Saturday, she discovered a path of tire tracks cutting through the cemetery, indicating a car possibly barreled through, taking several of her family's headstones with it.

"I collapsed," Kinnemore said. "I jumped out of the car in the middle of the road and ran over here. I hit my knees. It was like the day my daughter died all over again."

Kinnemore said the crash smashed figurines, necklaces and irreplaceable mementos on the grave; it also completely knocked the headstone off of its foundation.

She reported the damage to Cobb County police but says the case doesn't appear to be making headway with no clear owner of the cemetery.

The United Methodist Church and the recently dissolved Holly Springs Memorial Association both pointed at each other as the owner.

Though, Kinnemore has her own theories about the root of the crash.

"Her grave could have been targeted due to the fact of who she is buried next to," she told FOX 5 News.

Angel's grave sits next to another family member, convicted murderer Lynn Turner, whose headstone was also destroyed.

The family said they have seen a few figurines stolen from Angel's headstone before, but they've never seen damage as severe as this.

In the meantime, Kinnemore is turning to the culprit for help.

"Please just come forward," she said. "You took away what little peace I had."