Family seeks answers after man found dead in Atlanta park

A Lithonia family is seeking answers in the murder of their son. Neighborhood children discovered the man’s body in Moseley Park in southwest Atlanta a week ago.

The family said the 22-year-old Corey Roberts had been in some trouble before, but nothing so serious which would lead to a fatal fight.

Last Friday, children playing in the park went to retrieve a ball and stumbled across the body of a man on the ground. Police said the man had been bound.

“I want to know who murdered my child,” said Natasha Bruner, mother of the victim.

Her child was killed, smothered at a crime which makes absolutely no sense to the Lithonia family. For one, they said the man who was street-smart and strong would never let a single attacker take him down.

“You know he was still 22 years old, so he was still trying to find himself,” said Bruner.

The family said they never got any indication from him that there was any kind of trouble.

“I mean, he’s told me stories, you know, people in like the old neighborhood that, you know, he would get into an altercation with, but nothing like this,” said Bruner.

“Cory was going to hang out somewhere. He didn’t know exactly where he was going to hang out, but I told him, ‘Corey, you can’t hang out with me,’” said T.J. Roberts, uncle of the victim.

Roberts was the last to see him alive.

“My brother said he and Corey were down at the MARTA station, Five Points, everything on camera. That’s what he kept saying, everything on camera. He didn’t get the name of the guy Corey was hanging with downtown. That’s the last time we seen him,” said Roberts.

“I’m just frustrated. I want to know what evidence did [police] find, what kind of leads do [investigators] have, and right now we don’t have anything. We have no information,” said Bruner.

The Atlanta Police Department has not released anything beyond the initial police report.

Friday night, the family held a prayer vigil for the 22-year-old victim. They are hoping it will also encourage someone to come forward with information about his death.