Family says burglars stole dog

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A Gwinnett County family is pleading for the return of "KC," after they believe someone broke into their home and took him. 

"We're offering a reward and won't ask any questions. We just want KC back," said a tearful Dena Fidanza. 

The Fidanza family breeds specialty dogs, and worries someone took their King Charles Cavalier for a profit. The licensed breeders said people fly in from around the country to purchase a quality pup. 

They reported the incident to Gwinnett County Police. 

The Fidanzas believe a thief broke into the car and used the garage door opener to go into the garage and steal KC. They discovered him missing Monday morning. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Gwinnett County Police. The family can be reached through the website "Dena's Doggies"