Exclusive: Patient says unlicensed doctor performed her cosmetic surgery

Monique Broscious felt she found the perfect cosmetic surgeon in Nathaniel Johnson. A thoughtful and religious man, she says, looking out for her future. What she didn't know was Nathaniel Johnson's past.

She said after her surgery she Googled Nathaniel Johnson and found, in her words: “A con man, who took advantage of me at my most vulnerable moment.”

Eight years ago, the FOX 5 I-Team investigation found Dr. Johnson allowed Jeff Romeus to pose as a licensed doctor in Dr. Johnson's gynecology practice.  Romeus was a Guyana medical school graduate, but not a licensed doctor.

Following our report, the state investigated then prosecuted Dr. Johnson. In 2014 he pled guilty to Medicaid fraud, conspiracy to defraud the state, and aiding the unlicensed practice of medicine in 2014. He was ordered to repay taxpayers $300,000 in restitution and surrender his medical license.

Johnson served six months behind bars and was out on probation, running his Hello Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery center in Smyrna when Monique Broscious found him.

But Cobb County Police found him as well. Just months after her surgery, Police arrested Dr. Johnson, accusing him of performing the surgery on another woman without a license to practice medicine. After the initial arrest, two other women, including Monique Broscious, also told police they were victims.

Johnson’s attorney, Jackie Patterson, vehemently denies the charges.

“No matter, whether it’s one person or five people,” says Patterson, we have the same defense, and he did not perform surgery on anyone.”

Patterson insists Nathaniel Johnson was only an administrator and owner of two clinics and never performed surgery.

Monique Broscious says flatly: “His lawyer wasn't in that room.”

Monique says she told Cobb County Police that Nathaniel Johnson examined her body, discussed possible cosmetic procedures and was one of two doctors who performed liposuction on her.

She says she was sedated, but awake and talked to both doctors during the surgery.

“How I am talking to you is how I talked to them the whole time,” says Broscious, “I don't care what his lawyer says I know what he did to me, because I was awake.”

Johnson is out on bond, and the Cobb Police investigation continues.