Deputy Killed in Afghanistan Laid to Rest

Tuesday was a very emotional day for friends and family of Barry Sutton.

Funeral services were held for the former Floyd County deputy, Floyd County policeman, and veteran.

Sutton's casket was draped with an American flag for his service, not only to his county and state, but also his country.

During the service, a friend and colleague of Sutton said how he enjoyed hearing warm stories from Sutton's daughters about what a great father he was. He spoke about his love of pirates and passion for ducks.  He said Sutton lived his life in the moment.

Sutton was a private contractor working to train police officers in Afghanistan. He was one of three Americans killed by a suicide car bomber who attacked their NATO convoy.

Flags are at half-staff and a large American flag hangs from a fire truck outside Northside Church in Rome.

People came from all over the state to pay their respects to a man described as a dedicated father, friend and officer.