Deputies capture suspect gang member wanted for selling meth

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(Courtesy: Spalding County Sheriff's Office / Facebook)

Authorities in Spalding County said they have taken one of the so-called Ghost Face Gangsters wanted for meth into custody Monday.

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Joseph Wayne Martin, 41, was taken into custody after a search warrant was executed on a Spalding County residence. The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office said Martin and 36-year-old Mary Michelle Farmer, both alleged to be part of the gang, are wanted for selling methamphetamine.

The sheriff’s office posted a photo of Martin Monday afternoon on their Facebook page and wrote:

“Ghost Face Gangster Joseph Martin is in custody. His Superman Underoos didn’t help him hide. He is no man of steel. A search warrant on the residence he was hiding in is going on now. If you are a thug or gang banger you best take the opportunity to leave of your own accord while you can. You will lose your freedom, and your life will be as miserable as we can make it. Don’t want to be harassed? The choice is easy, quit or leave. We will hunt you down. This post was made possible by the Spalding County Special Operations and CAGE units. We are equal opportunity incarcerators.”

Investigators said they found evidence of the pair’s allegiance to the Ghost Face Gangsters.

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