DeKalb County man says home burglarized for 3rd time since 2011

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They've spent thousands of dollars on ways to protect their home. They've tried new locks, home security cameras, and even burglar bars. But that didn't stop crooks this week from hitting the home of a DeKalb County couple for a third time.

Abadir Abdi believes the same person has burglarized his Stone Mountain home three times since 2011. He said he and his wife are scared and extremely frustrated.

The 40-year-old even shared surveillance tape of his most recent burglary Tuesday night at about 7. The video shows the intruder repeatedly crashing into the garage door until he breaks it.

Abdi believes the burglars watch his home and strike when he and his wife leave. He says they stole $700 on Tuesday.

DeKalb County Police said they do not have a record of the past two burglaries, but the assigned a detective to this most recent one.

Meanwhile, Abdi is spending thousands in his eight camera security system, burglar bars, plywood, new windows, and an alarm system with Ackerman.

The Ethiopian native now worries about the next break in and even is considering buying a gun.