Daughter of murder victims speaks about deadly arson

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Atlanta Police said a retired couple was likely still alive when their northwest Atlanta home was set on fire, but the two had been strangled.

The adult daughter of Barry and Deborah Hubbard talked with FOX 5 News from her home in Buffalo, New York. She said she was shocked to learn someone had used a cord to strangle her stepmother, before setting the house on fire.

"I was sick to my stomach. I could not believe that this was...it just happened. I am still numb to the situation right now. I just can't imagine," Tanika Hubbard commented.

Ms. Hubbard said her father and stepmother moved to Atlanta recently. They had planned to retire in the area and live out the rest of their days. Both were retired veterans.

FOX 5 News learned new information about the case from Atlanta Police Wednesday. Detectives said evidence indicated the couple was likely still alive when the house was set on fire.

It all breaks the heart of the couple's family. They have one question.

"Why, they did not deserve this?" Ms. Hubbard asked.

The Harval Homes community held a vigil for the couple Tuesday night. Many homeowners said they will not rest until the killer is caught.

"We have neighbors who can't sleep at night. This is not good because they are no longer feeling safe," homeowner Nanella Graham exclaimed.

A spokesman for Atlanta Fire said the incident is also considered an arson.

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