Conyers Police seek crew breaking into cars at hotels

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Conyers Police said a crew of thieves which is targeting hotels set their sights on the town. So far, they have hit four hotels. The crew pulls into hotel parking lots, and within minutes have broken into several cars- getting away with anything they can find.

Police believe they are getting off the interstate, they are hitting hotels quickly and then jumping back on the interstate. Investigators said it is the exact same pattern of what happened in Covington a few weeks ago.

"In this case, we actually have some pretty good video," said Sgt. Kim Lucas, Conyers Police Department.

Four hotels in one night, a total of six car break-ins, which was the exact same night Covington hotels were hit. Sgt. Lucas believes they are the same criminals.

"They're using some sort of tool to pop the lock and we know in at least one vehicle they did make off with a handgun and just some miscellaneous items, sunglasses, a GPS unit, that sort of thing. And in some they broke in the cars but didn't take anything," said Sgt. Lucas

In this video released by police, the suspect was unable to get in the truck, but that was not the case for at least six other victims. Police said while the thieves are grabbing what they can, they are looking for guns.

"We have increased patrols, especially in that time frame at hotels. We do have a lot of travelers in and out of Conyers at all times and on the weekends. We hate for them to visit Conyers and just be victimized so that's why we want to push this out there," said Lucas.

Sgt. Lucas wanted to remind people to not leave anything inside your cars, especially guns.

"If at all possible, take these with you because we certainly don't want all these firearms out on the street and in the hands of these individuals. Hotels, there's no reason you can’t take your firearm in the hotel with you," said Lucas.

Anyone with further information is asked to call the Conyers Police Department or Crime Stoppers.