Community comes together to help tornado victims

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Amazing progress in south Fulton County as a community comes together to help clean up a neighborhood hit hard by Monday night's tornado.

SKYFOX Drone flew over The Chestnut Ridge Subdivision on Tuesday morning, spotting scattered debris all around, and again just two days later, showing a big difference. The debris is clearing up and blue tarps line the roofs of most of the homes. The neighborhood has a long way to go, but just getting the mountain of debris out of there Thursday lifted the spirits of these residents.

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Nearly 50 homes were damaged or destroyed in the tornado Monday night, but an army of volunteers came to help. They thought they were just picking up debris, but in the process, they also lifted the spirits of residents and helped to heal worn hearts.

They came from The Home Depot and other businesses joining local fire and police departments as well as church groups. Volunteers who said they watched FOX 5’s coverage were even more shocked and saddened when they saw it all for themselves in person.

There is an inherent danger in this virtual minefield of storm debris. Nails, broken glass, splintered wood, and fiberglass insulation. Not to mention the unsafe sanitary conditions. Carting it away not only improved the look of the lawns as well as lifted morale; it, more importantly, protects the health and safety of these desperate storm victims.

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There is still a long road ahead. Some of the Home Depot volunteers live nearby and saw their efforts Thursday as a thanksgiving.

Volunteers from Chick-fil-A also were out bringing their signature chicken filet sandwiches to volunteers and residents, just another way to lift spirits.

In addition to the volunteers, state insurance commission employees went door-to-door to make sure the residents weren't getting gouged by shady contractors. Also to make sure the insurance companies are treating them right.

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