Cobb County leaders are considering giving nonprofits $1 million

The Cobb Community Foundation says more people than ever are in need during the coronavirus pandemic. (FOX 5)

It's not unusual these days to see lines of cars wrapped around church buildings. Churches are closed, they're not here for worship, they're here to pick up donated food.

"68,000 families have received food in the past four weeks," said Shari Martin with the Cobb Community Foundation.

Since the pandemic hit, people have lost their jobs.  Many are worried about how they're going to feed their families or pay their rent. There are dozens of nonprofits in Cobb County which can help, but their resources are dwindling.

"What they've relied on historically is gone. Grocery stores don't have excess to donate because of supply chain disruptions so they're just trying to meet the demands in their stores," said Howard Koepka who heads up the Noonday Association of Churches and is overseeing the nonprofit food distributions as part of the Cobb Crisis Response team.

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With so much economic uncertainty right now, monetary donations are also down.

"The nonprofit world is scrounging. Most of our places are running low on food, they're scrounging to find money to buy that food from places who would have donated in the past," said Koepka.

Nonprofits are working hard to meet the needs during the coronavirus pandemic. (FOX 5)

Nonprofits across the county are working together to assist as many people as possible and they're asking the county for one million dollars to help.  The money would come from the Federal Government under the CARES Act.

During a work session Monday, there was no question about the need, but commissioners did have concerns about how the money would be distributed.

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Commission Chairman Mike Boyce seeks ways to offer relief to non-profits during the coronavirus pandemic. (FOX 5)

"The government has given us the resources to do this, we should find a way to use this revenue, but in a responsible way that's accountable," said Commission Chairman Mike Boyce.

Nonprofits are discouraged the board isn't acting quicker, but they remain hopeful.

"It's very disappointing because they don't have that much left, but I think in the end it will be worth it. I believe in our county and our commissioners and I think they will come through," said Martin.

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They're proud of how much the nonprofits have accomplished by working together.

"It's really been a beautiful thing seeing the nonprofit world come together and meet this crisis and helping these families that are in such need right now," said Koepka.

There will be a special called Board of Commissioners meeting, possibly as early as Friday, to vote on the million dollars. 

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