Clayton County man helps woman who was beaten

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What would you do if you saw someone being assaulted? A Clayton County man is being called a hero after he intervened to stop a man he claims was beating his girlfriend. 

Tre' Silvery was in the car with his mom driving down Taylor road in Clayton county when he did a double take. The 24-year-old did what most people wouldn't. He jumped from behind the wheel of his car to stop a total stranger from beating a woman. 

"Dude was just on top of the lady beating her up and the little daughter was screaming for her mom. I turned around and got out the car to help the lady," hero Tre' Silvery remarked. 

Silvery said his instincts just kicked in. He knew he had to help.

"That is how I was taught and raised, a man should never put his hands on a woman," said Silvery.

Silvery said suspect Ricardo Woodfin saw him coming and went in the house, only to return with a weapon.

"So you actually saw the gun?" reporter Aungelique Proctor asked Silvery.

"Yeah it was a 9 millimeter, black."

"Did he point it towards you?"

"Yeah, he pointed it towards me and i jumped back in my car," Silvery said.

Silvery's mom had called police. Clayton county  authorities tell me when they arrived  Woodfin knocked his girlfriend to the ground and slammed the door in their face. Officer's engaged in a brief standoff, but Woodfin gave up peacefully

The heroic effort left Tre's father filled with pride. The restaurant cook is bipolar and even dropped out of high school, but has clearly turned his life around.

"It was tough because I had to be the bad guy. But today I got to see me as  the good guy because he appreciates those tough lessons and they've made him be the man he has grown into. I am very proud of him, " Gregory Silvery beamed.

Woodfin is in the Clayton county jail charged with Simple battery. Police say he also had outstanding warrants out of Arizona.