Caught on camera: Family held at gunpoint in Clayton County

Shocking video shows a family held at gunpoint in Clayton County. The gunman was trying to steal the family’s SUV, but was forced to flee after the family confronted him.

It happened Thursday morning at home along Riverdale Road. The whole thing was caught on camera. No one in the family wanted to give their real names or have their faces shown, but shared their story starring down the barrel of a gun just inches from their face.

The man said he wasn’t thinking about himself, but about keeping his loved-ones, his sister and his wife safe. He said the two minutes seemed like an eternity. In that of time, the family realized they’ll live to tell others about the heart-stopping incident.

The family was leaving a friend’s house when the gunman approached. The man approached the gunman. He shies away every time the gunman becomes more irate. But when the gun-wielding man aims the barrel at those inside, the man in red musters up enough courage to hold him off.

He didn’t want to be interviewed on camera. But says there was no way to prepare for this.

The gunman puts the firearm inches away from the victim's face and then the car window with others inside but ultimately backs off.

That threatening cycle continues a few more times before the man in all black storms off.

It’s not clear what caused the would-be thief to walk away. But the victim’s stepson says whatever it was prevented a tragedy.

Police recommend complying with anyone with a gun, but to note which direction they fled the scene.