Car burglars shoot at grandfather

A grandfather speaks to FOX 5 about a frightening ordeal, where car burglars fired at him and his house.

The incident happened the evening of Monday, July 24, in the Decatur neighborhood near the intersection of Candler Road and Candler Drive.

Police said a group of young men were opening car doors, when a grandfather tells FOX 5, he saw his motion sensor porch light turn on, and some young men running away from his street.

"They looked like punks, and i wanted them to get away. They were up to no good," the grandfather tells us; he asked FOX 5 not to disclose his name. He said he yelled at them, and one of them turned around and fired right at him.

"I hit the deck, got in the house, and got on the phone," he said.

Police said they found five shell casings, and a bullet hole through the roof of the man's porch; two of the neighbors' cars were opened, but nothing stolen.

Officers have stepped up presence with patrol vehicles in the neighborhood, since the ordeal.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call Decatur Police.