Calls for change after deadly crash

Stephanie Cagle was driving through Tara Boulevard and Upper Riverdale Road when she came across the scene of a crash involving a cyclist and a car Wednesday night.

Cagle said she stopped and performed CPR.  The 19-year-old cyclist did not survive, according to police.

“I was on Bluetooth with my husband and I said oh, I bet a person got hit. I was only joking when I said that, but lo and behold, there’s a shoe in the road right after I say that and a man lying in the road in front of all of these vehicles," Cagle said.

She drives through this area, to and from work, every day and unfortunately, she said she's not surprised that a crash like this happened.

“It's not surprising for me to see anywhere from between eight and 10 people attempting to cross the street at some point outside of the crosswalk," Cagle said.

She said she's seen a countless number of people, over the years, try to cross busy lanes of traffic on foot, on bikes and even on skateboards.

Cagle said it’s time for something to be done to make it safer for everyone on the roads.

“Whether that’s creating tunnels or pedestrian bridges. In the immediate, putting up better lighting throughout this roadway and starting to cite people," Cagle said. "I feel like that is an easy way for Clayton County to begin enforcing something to hopefully at least encourage people to safer for themselves.”