Burglars haul off high-end heirlooms from Dunwoody homes

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Police said burglars stole close to $20,000 worth of items from Dunwoody homes, targeting jewelry, silver, and numerous electronics.

The thefts happened from June 20 to 25 in the Dunwoody North neighborhood off Peachtree Road. Police said a gold older-model Chevy Tahoe was spotted leaving the driveway of one residence.

Both residents discovered the break-ins from the morning to mid-afternoon. In one theft, the thieves stole wedding bands, rings with precious stones, earrings and other valuable jewelry. In another, the burglars took an entire set of family silverware and all the electronics, tablets and laptops belonging to parents and their children.

A group of neighborhood children, hearing about the thefts, decided to help their friends replace their items.

"We felt very sad for her. She had just gotten [her laptop] for Christmas," said Ainsley Racine, who, along with other children, held a lemonade stand to help replace the children's laptops and tablets.

Neighbors, police officers and even school officials came to the children's' fundraiser.

"It makes me feel like a really good person," said friend Madelyn Ramo.

Police advised residents to be watchful of suspicious vehicles in the neighborhood, especially during the 4th of July holiday.

Anyone with information on the thefts or suspicious vehicle is asked to call Dunwoody Police.