Bullets fired into grandmother's southwest Atlanta apartment

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A late-night shooting outside an apartment complex in southwest Atlanta has left residents terrified

The shooting happened around midnight in the 3000 block of Continental Colony Parkway behind Greenbriar Mall. 

Grandmother Angela Moreland showed the FOX 5 cameras just how close a bullet came to her head. 

The grandmother of five was sitting in her bedroom chair watching television Monday night when someone opened fire on her apartment. 

The 61-year-old hit the floor and immediately feared for her grandchildren's safety.

"All of a sudden  I heard about five or six shots and I jumped on the floor and crawled and asked everybody 'Are they alright," Moreland said.

Moreland said the bullets hit only 3 to 4 inches above her head.

To make matters worse, Moreland said this isn't the first time that she's feared for her life when bullets flew through her apartment. Just four weeks ago, a gunman unloaded near her kitchen.

The two shootings have her so frightened that she's ready to move.

"It has me so nervous I can't even sleep. I haven't had no sleep all night. I have been thinking of what could have happened," she said.

Investigators say about 15 shots were fired. Bullets struck two units, Moreland's and a vacant unit below her.

Investigators are concerned about the number of gunshots, and the number of weapons. Casings from several guns were discovered on the ground.  

No one at the complex saw the shooters and the motive remains a mystery. 

Moreland says one thing is clear, this is no way to live.

"Every night I hear gunfire. Every night. Sometimes even in the daytime," she said.