Bullet flies through family bedroom

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A mother and her children are moving out of their South Fulton County home, hours after a bullet flies through the master bedroom. 

"l literally thought a part of the ceiling had fallen in," said Shekita Harris, who was sleeping on the bed with her young son when around 2 a.m., a bullet flew inside the room.

"I could feel grit all over me," Harris said, who eventually discovered the bullet hole feet away from her bed.

"Whoever did that, is going to do something else," Harris said.

FOX 5 was there as she and her children packed up necessary belongings, and drove away to spend the night elsewhere. She said the family's next step will be to pack up all belongings and leave.

Harris said she and her family have lived in the home on Smoke Ridge Drive for seven years, but in recent months, the street has been plagued by troubled teens and gang activity. Harris also said the juveniles have harassed her family.

Fulton County detectives said they are looking for possible culprits.