Boy's bikes stolen as family was leaving for weekend

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A Decatur family is outraged after thieves put a hold on their weekend plans. The family was going to leave town for a motocross race in which their sons were scheduled to compete. But when they went to get into the van to leave, they saw their motorcycles were gone.

Ryan Osborne believes someone came in between 11:30 Thursday night and 3 o'clock in morning and stole the motorcycles. He thinks they rolled them through the neighbor’s yard and loaded them up at another location. The thieves left behind the bags the family had loaded up but cut the chains and straps holding down the bikes.

"The knees buckled when I opened the door," said Osborne.

Osborne and his boys were supposed to go to Knoxville this weekend for a motocross race something they do almost every weekend. But the boys won't be able to compete anytime soon.

"It's terrible for me but it's terrible for those two. This is their livelihood. This is where they excel. This is what makes them pop. We're not going to be able to do this for a while. I can't afford to just go buy thirty thousand dollars’ worth of bikes," said Osborne.

Ethan and Seth have raced since they were five.

"I'm pretty upset can't ride our dirt bikes for a little while," said Ethan.

"It's material things he could have walked out there earlier and got shot," said Seth.

The boys try to stay positive but neither them or their dad think they're going to see their bikes again.

"I think they're gone, gone. I think the people who did this know not to put it on local Craigslist. They know what to do. Those things are either taken apart or out in California. Wherever they are but my babies are gone."

Anyone with information is asked to call the police.