Babysitter saves family from house fire

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A 19-year-old babysitter being hailed a hero for alerting and possibly saving a family from a burning home.

Haley Hutchinson showed up for work like she always does but on Thursday morning, when she pulled up and she found smoke billowing out of the family's garage.

Reeves Esposito, 7, and his sister Emerson love their 12-volt ATV 4-wheeler but, that sweet ride is no more. All that’s left are a few charred metal bars and a scorched battery sits in a pile inside the family’s burnt out garage on Juniper Mill Trace in the Canton Bridgemill community.

Jennifer Esposito said the fire happened just minutes after her son had gotten off of it.

It was around 9 a.m. Thursday, Reeves had ridden the 4-wheeler when he told her he smelled smoke. A few minutes later, Mrs. Esposito said their babysitter pulled up for work. The two women managed to get everyone out of the house and then tried to put out the fire to no avail. The heat of fire burned the garage door pulling forcing the doors shut.

As for being hailed a hero, a humble Hutchison said she thinks a higher power was at work