Atlanta radio personality, Johns Creek Police differ over 'red light'

Johns Creek Police and the city's mayor are calling out an Atlanta radio personality after he posted an encounter that he had with a Johns Creek Police officer over the weekend.

In a live Facebook post, Southside Steve with Rock 100.5 claimed that he got a ticket for running a yellow light.

Well, Johns Creek Police fired back with a surveillance photo showing him clearly running a red light.

Tuesday, the mayor and a Johns Creek Police captain called into his radio show.

Southside Steve said he never meant any ill will towards police and that he thought the video would be funny.

He has since apologized and said he didn't even know about the photo evidence proving his guilt until Tuesday morning.

Southside Steve bought the police department lunch Tuesday.

He plans on paying his ticket and donating however much the ticket is to a charity.

In addition, he plans on standing at the intersection dressed in a Reno 911 uniform holding a sign admitting his guilt.