Atlanta Police get refresher on takedown techniques

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A controversial arrest which was caught on camera has Atlanta Police taking a second look at training for officers. The officer seen in the video punching the man on the ground was suspended. The chief said he used excessive force, but some other officers disagree.

In the wake of those claims, police are teaching alternative ways officers can safely bring a suspect under control.

Chief Erika Shields asked the training academy what can we do to make sure that we are training the officers a better way. They responded with a new alternative method of bringing these offenders under control

A retired law enforcement officer and instructor explained the alternative combat methods they began teaching earlier this month.

“So, if we have to tighten up the handcuffs without cutting off any type of circulation, I’m going to bring that handcuff back around towards me, and ask for the suspect to bring his arm behind it back. ‘Do it now, sir. Put your hand behind your back, and do it now.’ We got control. What I do have is the ability to manipulate your joints and get you to do what I need you to do without having to come in and punch,” said Charles Rambo, law enforcement instructor.

A second alternate that could have been helpful in the real arrest involves the use of a nightstick.

“Using the nightstick or an ASP Baton is to start rolling on that muscle. ‘Sir, place your hands behind your back and do it now. Place your hands behind your back and do it now. Do what the officer says. Place the other hand behind your back and do it now.’ We have now again, positive control that is not a shock to the conscience of the public,” said Rambo.

The chief said she wants the officers to control the situation. A spokesperson for the chief said in fact, the officers should be familiar with the techniques, getting a refresher course.