Atlanta police car shortage has gotten worse

More than 100 City of Atlanta police vehicles are now in the shop for repairs. On some days, supervisors do not have enough cruisers to set up patrols for the city's communities. The current equipment situation can add critical minutes to a 9-1-1 call.

Should you have an emergency at your home, the beat car and the officer who would normally be in it may be in the next geographic beat over. This could add several minutes at a minimum to get to your family.

Police commanders are trying to make do without the cruisers that have been shopped. So, the officers sometimes double up in one car to try to cover an expanded beat.

According to Atlanta Council Public Safety Chairman, 110 police vehicles out of service.

Where are all the cars? In addition to the city shop, Atlanta uses a couple of dealers for repairs.

Of course, dealerships also have their regular customers to attend to.

Meanwhile, problems mount for the head public official who is trying to staff the city garage.