Atlanta child writes children's book

Selah Thompson is only 7 years old but she's already made an accomplishment that some folks may have on their bucket list.

Selah Nicole is a 7-year-old who loves to read, do science experiments, and dream up awesome adventures to turn into amazing stories for her book series "Penelope the Pirate Princess."

With the help of her parents, Selah also started her own nonprofit, The Empowered Readers Literacy Project, after she noticed inequities in literacy amongst her classmates in kindergarten.

Selah is on a mission to help families build strong reading rituals and to get kids excited about books & reading! 

Though Selah is only 7-years-old, she's already made a huge accomplishment by writing a book with her dad.

Selah's family says Selah belives that every child deserves to read. To help ensure this happens "The Empowered Readers Literacy Project" was founded in 2017.

The mission of the project is to help families build strong reading rituals.

 For more information on Penelope the Pirate Princess, and "The Empowered Readers Literacy Project" click here.