Atlanta apartment complex shot up 3 times in 1 week

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Residents of a northwest Atlanta apartment complex are terrified after a barrage of gunfire overnight left at least one home and several cars covered in bullet holes.

And neighbors told FOX 5's Natalie Fultz that this is the third shooting in just a week.

You can still see the damage at the Flipper Temple Apartments on the 2400 block of Abner Terrace NW, including one bullet lodged into a car window.

Residents say they are terrified after a group of people came to the complex and started shooting.

According to residents, the first shooting happened at a candlelight vigil. The next happened just a few days later. They say they're scared to go outside or do really anything anymore.

"We need help. Please help us. I'm scared for my life," Toshia Alexander said with terror in her voice. "We need help. We've got old people. They almost shot these people's kids. We need help!"

The residents say they do believe the shooting was gang-related.

Atlanta police are still investigating the cause of the shooting.