Artist creates massive tribute to Maya Angelou in Freedom Park

Freedom Park's newest artwork installation honors legendary author, poet, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.

The SkyFox Drone captured the full extent of the installment.

The artist Stan Herd started the earthwork portrait in the days leading up to the Dec. 6 runoff election to bring awareness to women's rights.

The artwork shows a portrait of the late poet with her famous words "As I Rise" displayed below.

The quarter-acre project took about a week and 200 man-hours to complete with the help of four other people.

It's made of sand, stone, wood mulch, compost, and grass clippings.

Herd previously made an earthwork portrait of former Georgia representative and civil rights icon John Lewis in the same place.

Right now there is no expiration date on the exhibit. 

Herd says he expects it to remain until spring as nature slowly degrades  it away.