Army medics praised for life-saving actions in Doraville

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Army medics are trained to work under pressure.

That training came in handy for three medics who saved a man's life on Interstate 285 in Doraville.

Misti Chan, Joshua Sutfin, and Christopher Woods saw a man pinned under a vehicle along the highway in April and immediately stopped to help.

"I saw the vehicle on the side and it looked like the head was pinned underneath, so I immediately told Sgt. Sutfin: 'Hey, we gotta stop. There's no first responders out there, and we can help,'" Chan said.

Together, they were able to pull the man to safety before first responders arrived. 

"Our job is to be a first responder, so it's just natural that's what we do and that's what we felt was right," Sutfin said.

The Army first responders joined other first responders, police, and firefighters at Doraville's National Night Out event, receiving a hero's welcome and their medals.

"They could have kept driving. They could have kept going, but instead, they stopped and saved someone's life," Doraville Mayor Donna Pittman said.

The soldiers said they were just doing their job.