Armed thief caught on camera outside Troup County homes

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There is a big concern in Troup County where a man was caught on camera creeping around neighborhoods at night with a handgun.  Deputies said the man was responsible for breaking into cars in two different Troup County subdivisions.

What really concerns deputies was this guy had the gun in his hands as if he might be prepared to use it.

Sgt. Stewart Smith said: “Obviously anytime there is a crime involving a handgun, or any type of weapon, it certainly heightens things.  We don’t want anyone walking around committing those crimes.  A certainly it can alarm people in the neighborhoods when they say a person doing that.”

It happened on two streets in the Merrill Heights neighborhood in Troup County.  The man got away with laptops and money.  Also, in the Bailey’s Pointe neighborhood.  Both subdivisions have signs warning thieves of an active neighborhood watch program.

Smith said it was rare that thieves of this sort were armed and it was concerning for anyone who might blunder into him in the dark.

Investigators said they were originally concerned that the gun might have been stolen from one of the victim’s cars in either neighborhood.

“We didn’t know at the time if it was from one of the victim’s, but in talking to our investigators we have not had anyone report any handguns stolen,” Smith said.

The man broke into both locked and unlocked cars.

“Number one, take those proactive steps of taking those items out of car, locking up your car,” Smith said.  “If you see people walking in your neighborhood and you don’t recognize them call 911.  We will come and check it out.”

Law enforcement also likes home security cameras.  They are getting less expensive and help in preventing and solving crimes by getting criminals off the streets.