Are the Braves getting involved in the race for Georgia's next governor?

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Are the Atlanta Braves getting behind a candidate in the race for Georgia’s next governor?

That's the question many political observers are raising Monday after spotting their name in an invitation for an upcoming fundraiser for Republican nominee Brian Kemp.

The event which will take place two weeks from Monday lists a number of hosts.

Taking a close look, one of the listed hosts for the event are the Atlanta Braves.

Late Monday afternoon, FOX 5 News received a statement from the Braves about this.

Braves Corporate Communications Vice President Beth Marshall wrote”

“As we have done for many years, the Atlanta Braves provide campaign contributions to both Democrat and Republican candidates (including Abrams 2015 and 2016 campaigns) and are not taking a political stance for either gubernatorial candidate. As of today, we have yet to be contacted to support Abrams campaign but are expecting to do so.”

No word on if the Abrams campaign has reached out to the Braves.