APD: 'Significant arrest' made in connection to ATV riders traveling illegally

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Authorities acknowledge it is impossible to pull all the illegal ATV riders off the street once the parade of vehicles is underway.

But Atlanta police said if they can target an organizer, they may be able to stop the riders before they start their engines.

Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier disclosed that happened as investigators determined Edward Miller had outstanding warrants against him from Douglas County.

Authorities there sought Miller, one of the riders, in a theft by receiving case.

Atlanta authorities arrested Miller. The end result of that action snuffed out a planned ride for a Sunday several weeks ago.

But Glazier knows Miller is not alone in coordinating the rides, so they are on the watch including what could happen any weekend of good weather.

The deputy chief said authorities used to get a heads up from social media buzz. But the riders are aware they are being watched and now are more likely to communicate over the phone.

If the riders come back out this Sunday, Glazier sais, they will make arrests and confiscate bikes.