Ammo, bulletproof vest, police gear stolen from Atlanta Police cruiser

Dozens and dozens of bullets, a bulletproof vest, and other police gear taken out of a law enforcement vehicle in Atlanta. The officer who had the gear stolen is Timothy George Turner, who is the son of the former chief of Atlanta, according to records.

The incident happened late Monday afternoon on Adams Drive on the northwest side of the city. The vehicle was parked outside a recreation center. Turner reported he was away from the vehicle for a period of time. He returned to find a passenger side window smashed. In addition to the ammunition and ballistics vest, an Atlanta Police radio was also taken. The city was able to immediately disable that radio.

Turner has been a car theft victim before. In an earlier case, a weapon was grabbed out of that vehicle.

A spokesperson for the chief, Carlos Campos, called the latest incident "disappointing." He said the Office of Internal Affairs will examine what happened to see if discipline is warranted.

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