71-year-old attacked at Lawrenceville Walmart

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Lawrenceville police issued a BOLO late Tuesday afternoon for a woman they say is responsible for punching a 71-year-old Lawrenceville woman inside a Walmart on June 29.

The victim asked FOX 5 News not to show her face, but she was willing to share a photo of the black eye she suffered after she was inside the Lawrenceville Highway. She said it started when she and another woman narrowly avoided bumping carts in aisle 11 as they tried to pass one another.

"She said says, ‘Excuse me!' And came all of the MFs and B words and I told her to watch her mouth and that's when she hold-off and slammed her fist into my face," the woman told FOX 5's Portia Bruner.

"She called me a white cracker. So this couldn't have been personal she just didn't like the color of my skin," the woman said.

Lawrenceville police said no Walmart camera captured the punch. But they confirm a Walmart employee witnessed the attack and reported it to management who called the police. Video from the front of the store shows the victim trying to stop the woman who punched her from leaving the store. In the video, the woman can be seen walking out with a child on her hip--followed by another woman who the victim said poured water on her head after the punch to the face.

"I don't even want them to go to jail. What good would that do. They're young mothers who have lives to go on with, but it's just sad. This kind of thing shouldn't happen. Actions have consequences and what's to stop them from doing this again. I hope they are arrested but get counseling or anger management help because this just isn't right," the victim said Tuesday.

Lawrenceville police said the woman faces battery and simple battery charges.