57-year-old woman carjacked at gunpoint in DeKalb County

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A 57-year-old woman tells FOX 5 that two gunmen ambushed her and pointed guns at her face, all to steal her purse and her car. 

"He had [the gun] pointed straight at the side of my nose. If he had shot, he would have blown my face off," said the victim, terrified the men could come back to harm her. 

The ordeal happened February 9 at the Terra Creek apartments off Central Drive and North Hairston Road. 

She told police that she had parked her car, and as she walked to her apartment, two men ambushed her with their guns drawn. 

"They followed me. They followed me with the guns," said the woman, recounting the frightening ordeal. 

The men, she said, shoved her hard against the side of the vehicle and almost knocked her over. 

The men then took her purse and drove off with her vehicle. It was recovered by police two hours later. 

Police said they do not know if the men have targeted any other victims, but warn nearby residents to be on the lookout. 

The men are described as in their 30s, on 5'6", low haircut, 115 pounds and armed with a silver handgun. The other suspect had a dark jacket, armed with a silver handgun. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact DeKalb County Police.