1-year-old cardiac patient has dance parties with favorite nurse.

(Children's Healthcare of Atlanta)

A young patient at a Georgia hospital received a special party from a nurse he has a special bond with.

One-year-old Blake is a fighter and was born prematurely at just 36 weeks.

Weeks after leaving the neonatal intensive care unit, his parents rushed him to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston because his heart rate wouldn't drop below 350.

(Children's Heathcare of Atlanta)

Doctors diagnosed little Blake with a heart rhythm condition that causes him to have an abnormally fast heart rate.

Blake now visits the hospital frequently, and recently got a special dance party with the help of his favorite technician, Quanda.

The hospital says the dance parties have become a highlight for Blake’s family and anyone else who is lucky enough to catch them.

His mother thanks the hospital staff, who she says saved her son's life, for their hard work and dedication.