Toccoa car museum showcases collectors' treasures

Sometimes it’s the site of a first kiss.  Sometimes it’s a treasured graduation present.  And sometimes, it’s the prized purchase you worked long and hard to save for.  Chances are, you have some precious memories attached to an automobile – and a unique museum in Toccoa just might be the perfect place to re-live the best times in your life.

The Good Day Atlanta feature team spent the morning in scenic Stephens County, exploring the 14,000 square-foot Miles Through Time car museum. First opened in June of 2017, the museum was the idea of Sean Mathis, who’d been searching for a place to display his Pop’s beloved ’59 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.  Mathis found the perfect spot in a rundown 1939 Ford dealership in downtown Toccoa, which he fixed up and transformed into a museum in a matter of months. Today, the space houses dozens of vehicles which date back to 1910.

But what really makes Miles Through Time unique is the fact that the museum’s collection is made up of cars from many different owners.  Mathis calls it a “co-op” museum, describing it as a place where collectors can keep their auto treasures safe and sound, while also allowing visitors the chance to see them up-close. After all, what good is a beautifully-preserved classic car if it’s hidden away from the world?  And speaking of collectors – some of the vehicles inside are also on consignment, so it’s possible visitors can leave with their very own dream car.

Miles Through Time is located at 876 East Currahee Street in Toccoa, and has just reopened for the season.  General admission is $5, and kids under the age of 12 can get in for free with a paying adult.