Marietta's Ninja Quest marks anniversary with weekend celebration

It’s being called the G.E.M. Jam – an appropriate name as some of the most incredible athletes you’ve ever seen have a chance to shine for spectators this weekend.

Marietta fitness facility Ninja Quest is celebrating its anniversary with G.E.M. Jam this Friday, September 13th through Sunday, September 15th – bringing together some of the most renowned parkour and Ninja Warrior athletes from around the world for three days of workshops, competitions, and flat-out amazing demonstrations of human strength.  Ninja Quest Fitness was created back in 2015 by Glenn Davis and Cristine Henderson, and has grown into one of the region’s top training gyms for Ninja Warrior competitors and those interested in obstacle course fitness and parkour.  The facility has also expanded to include the exciting game of Archery Attack, which is basically a high-energy combination of archery and dodgeball!

Now, just in case you’re not 100% sure what we mean by parkour and/or Ninja Warrior – the competitions force athletes to use gymnastic and climbing skills to propel their bodies over, around, and through obstacles.  If you’ve ever seen it on television before, then you know the men and women who compete are as physically fit as they come, along with being forced to make quick mental decisions on getting from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.  

Ninja Quest Fitness is located at 3910 Canton Road in Marietta.  The cost to participate in G.E.M. Jam is $99 for the whole weekend, or $10 for a spectator ticket.

It’s been awhile since the Good Day feature team spent a morning at Ninja Quest Fitness – and this weekend’s anniversary celebration seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a return visit.  So, we spent the morning attempting to learn some moves in Marietta – and if you click on the video player above, we think you’ll be impressed with our (lack of) skills!