Good Day Atlanta visits the set of 'The Gifted'

Last week’s second season premiere was a history-making episode for “The Gifted,” as mutant Polaris gave birth and nearly destroyed an entire city in the process!  So where does the FOX hit possibly go from there?  Good Day Atlanta spent the morning on the show’s set to find out!

Paul Milliken spent some time exploring the behind-the-scenes world of “The Gifted,” the Atlanta-filmed television series that takes place in Marvel’s X-Men Universe.  Cast and crew have moved to a new home base this season, giving them plenty of space in which to film the show’s striking action sequences and eye-popping special effects. 

One of the most notable visual effects involves actress Skyler Samuels, who plays the Frost Sisters – all three of them!  Of playing three characters, Samuels tells Paul,  “My scripts…it's like Staples went to town!  It's color coordinated, you know, Sophie is always in blue highlighter, Esme is always in pink, Phoebe's always in's like a rainbow exploded.  I'm constantly looking for highlighters!"

Click the video link above to check out Paul’s visit to “The Gifted” set – and catch an all-new episode Tuesday night at 8 p.m., right here on FOX 5!