Good Day Atlanta viewer information June 29, 2017

Legally Blonde, The Musical at Marietta's New Theatre In The Square: For more information on tickets, click here! 


Good Day Brewery Week: Oconee Brewing Company:  Our Tour de Brew continues this morning in Greensboro, located about halfway between Atlanta and Augusta, at an exciting new place that began with a simple idea.


The concept behind Oconee Brewing Company was crafted by a father-son development team who simply felt Greensboro was the right place for a brewery.  Turn out, they were right: Oconee Brewing Company now boasts a production area, tasting room, and 3,600-square foot event space and outdoor patio, all located in a renovated cotton mill warehouse near the shores of Lake Oconee.  The beer itself is the fruit of owner Taylor Lamm’s labor; he’s a University of Georgia grad who has traveled around the world studying the art and science of brewing.  Beers currently include Lion Lamm, an India Pale Ale, and Round Here Beer, which is known as a Kolsch.


Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning at Oconee Brewing Company learning more about how the brains behind the brewery are hoping to bring plenty of green to Greene County.   




Grilled pizza DIY recipe with Under The Cork Tree in Sandy Springs.   Chef William Sigley and owner Jason Sheetz join Buck Lanford for a lesson on cooking Margherita Pizza on the grill.   For more information on Under The Cork Tree click here. 

Grilled Margherita Pizza recipe from Under The Cork Tree. 


1 can                      Italian plum tomatoes, hand crushed

1 bunch                 fresh basil leaves

1 ball                      fresh mozzarella

2 tbsp + ¼ cup      extra virgin olive oil

2 each                    garlic cloves

1 ball                      pizza dough

To taste                 salt and pepper


·      Puree the garlic cloves, ¼ cup olive oil, and half of the bunch of basil leaves in a blender or food processor

·      Roll out the dough to your liking (thin or thick crust)

·      Brush the dough with the pureed basil-garlic mixture

·      Season with salt and pepper

·      Grill the pizza over hot coals or gas

·      Flip the dough after about 30-60 seconds

·      Add some crushed tomatoes, fresh torn basil leaves and pieces of fresh mozzarella (we like to tear ours but you can cut it with a knife)

·      Close the lid and finish cooking the pizza until the tomatoes are cooked and the cheese is melted.

·      Tip:  if the grill is too hot, after you initially grill the dough and flip it, you can place the pizza on a sheet tray, dress it and then put the pizza, sheet tray and all back on the grill to finish it.  (this will keep the bottom from getting burnt)