Georgia Commute Options challenges Atlanta to 'Clear the Deck'

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This week, Georgia Commute Options is laying out a challenge for drivers and their employers.

The Clear the Deck Challenge is being a called a first-of-its-kind campaign and its goal to clear parking decks while reducing congestion around Atlanta.

Leaders with Georgia Commute Options hope at least one day this week drivers will consider teleworking, carpooling, vanpooling, using transit, biking or walking. They're working closely with property managers and employers to encourage workers who typically drive to work alone and leave their car parked all day, to try something new, and help promote cleaner commutes.

"So it's going to be up to all of us to consider our role in the congestion we already have and what choices we have going forward that we can help mitigate that," says Joel Wascher, the Senior Marketing Administer of Georgia Commute Options. "There's a ton of options available for commuters, and I think a lot of people get a single occupant drive engrained in their pattern, but once they try an alternative, they can see it can work pretty well for their commute."

There are incentives available for trying the Clear the Deck challenge this week. You can earn $5 a day, up to $150 for trying something new. Clean commuters are entered to win $25 monthly prizes, and carpoolers can earn monthly gas cards. There are also incentives for vanpoolers.

Georgia Commute Options also offers a Guaranteed Ride Home program, so if an emergency comes up, you can get a free taxi ride or rental car, up to five times a year.

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