Fire safety tips from a real estate expert

According to safety statistics, more than 3,000 Americans lose their lives each year due to accidental fires in the home.  Real Estate Expert John Adams shares with us an easy way to make your home safer in the coming new year.

1.  Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Your smoke detector is a remarkably effective and inexpensive way to alert you and your family to the presence of smoke even while you are sleeping, giving you precious time to escape.

2.  Why They Sometimes Fail

These units require power to operate. And the most frequent cause of failure is adults removing the battery to use in another device, such as a tv remote control, or the unit being placed improperly in the home.

3.  Your Family Needs a Plan to Escape

Even with smoke detectors, it helps to have an escape plan for each member of your family from each room in your home.  And part of that plan is to have a meeting place where everyone gathers immediately after escape.

4.  Why you should Buy A New Unit Today

Smoke detectors have a service life of about ten years. After that, they must be replaced. If yours might be that old, it's safest to replace it now with a new one.  The still cost less than ten bucks, and it might just save your life.

On average, seven people die in the United States every day due to fires in the home.  Give your family a gift that matters for 2017. A new set of smoke alarms.