Dive in with whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium

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The weather's hot, summer break is in full swing, and if you want a cool adventure, you can take the plunge right into the Georgia Aquarium.

You may not know this, but you can snorkel or dive right alongside the world famous whale sharks.

The Ocean Voyager exhibit is as large as a football field – the biggest in the world.

Thousands of creatures call it home with the most famous residents being the whale sharks.

Just watching the almost 40-feet-long fish through the plexiglass can take your breath away.

But you get closer to Eushan, Turoco, Alison, and Trixie.

The team guides 5,000 people every year to dive and snorkel with the "gentle giants." 

After a lesson on safety, you're ready to suit up and jump in.

"It's a feeling of peace rather than fear," Chris Duncan of the Georgia Aquarium said.

The aquarium has an underwater photographer documenting the whole thing.

But it's not just about the cool experience. They hope you learn something too.

"If they can carry that love, that love of conservation they just experienced and share it with the rest of the world, my job is done," Duncan said.

Prices for non-members for the experience costs $233.95. Members pay $189.95.

You can find out more here.