College Park native comes home in 'Hamilton'

To say life has come full-circle for Quiantae Thomas is an understatement. Once a star-struck audience member inside Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, the College Park native is now on the stage at the historic venue, as part of the biggest show in the world: the Broadway blockbuster Hamilton.  

Words cannot describe the feeling, says Thomas of opening night at the Fox. 

"Growing up, that's the only theatre we knew about. We didn't know about Broadway, and that Broadway was actually in New York and everything.  We only knew about the Fox Theatre."   

But getting into the "room where it happens" wasn’t easy for the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta alum; Thomas’s first open audition for the Tony-winning musical was back in 2018, nearly a year before she finally got that life-changing call from her agent. 

"I had a Hamilton playbill on my wall, and I just went over and touched it and was like, 'Okay, Quiantae, this is for you, don't have any doubts or anything,’ the performer remembers. I kid you not, I moved my hand from my wall and my agent calls me and is like, 'Quiantae?  How are you?' I'm like, 'I'm good.  What's up?'  And they told me I booked it and I just started boo-hoo crying."  

Thomas is a graduate of Atlanta’s Carver School of the Arts and Alabama State University; you can follow the performer on Instagram here.  Hamilton is scheduled to run at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre through September 26.