Burgers with Buck takes on Dragon Con weekend

It’s Dragon Con weekend in Atlanta and you know what that means. Sci-fi fans from around the world are in town, complete with incredible costumes and parades . . . putting the play in cosplay. While world-class people watching is definitely a part of the festivities, so is world class burger eating, and that is where #BurgersWithBuck and #DragonCon collide.

No one looks forward to Dragon Con more than Thomas McKeown. The Executive Chef at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Atlanta doesn’t dress up as a character, but he does dress up a signature, themed burger each year to celebrate the extravaganza. Let’s face it, thousands and thousands of Dragon Con participants and watchers have got to eat, right?

This year’s burger is named after the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, which will debut its third season in the summer of 2019, and not coincidentally is filmed in Atlanta. The 11 Burger is named after one of its principal characters, Eleven, a girl with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities played by Millie Bobby Brown.

The 11 burger has 11 ingredients . . . see what they did there?

Here they are, if you’re scoring at home, a grass-fed pattie topped with white cheddar pimento cheese, fried onions, fried pickles, shoulder bacon, chipotle aioli, hop mayo, lettuce, vine-ripened tomato and all stacked on top of a bacon fat-grilled brioche bun.

It is an absolute huge mouthful of flavor, and the staff at #BWB recommends completely removing your Storm Trooper helmet before attempting to take a bit. Oh yeah, that, and plenty of napkins.

One more thing, on the show, Eleven is partial to eating nothing but waffles, so the 11 Burger is, of course, served with waffle fries.

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