Will Atlanta be giving booting the boot?

Eliminating booting in the city of Atlanta may not be as easy or as popular as you may think.

The Atlanta City Council had more than two hours of discussion on the topic Monday afternoon. What members found out is that the idea is far from a slam dunk.

Of course, motorists don't like leaving a restaurant or a store only to find a wheel to their car clamped. It is an automatic $75.

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But here's what may not be known, and what city council members are getting plenty of emails about, there are thousands of city residents who have moved into modern high-rises, and their parking is monitored and protected by a booting operation.

These individuals came to City Hall and offered testimony in support of the booting company. The reason they want to make sure their reserved parking spot continues to be monitored.

At the end of the discussion, the city council decided to send the anti-booting bill back to a committee for more work.

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