Strangers step up to help special needs boy whose wheelchair was stolen

A big sigh of relief for a special needs boy and his family thanks to the generosity of strangers. 

Last month, 5-year-old Christian had his wheelchair stolen from his mother's van in North Houston.

"I just hope that [the chair] reached someone who is worthy and who really needed it. Now, thankfully, Christian -- he won’t be without," said Krystal Gonzalez, Christian's mom.

A month later, not only is he getting a new, custom-made chair, but his family's van just got a major upgrade to help get him around.

"I just thank every single person who shared, donated, prayed," Krystal added referring to the GoFundMe page the family had to raise money to replace the chair. 

Within a day, hundreds donated enough to get Christian a new chair. Krystal says Medicaid would only replace the chair after five years, and they'd only had it for three.

However, an anonymous donor stepped up and wanted to cover the cost entirely. Krystal shutdown the GoFundMe page and decided to put the money raised towards a chair lift for the van. 

Then, Anthony Johnson from Pack It Movers heard about Christian. He offered to pay the difference need for the lift.

"I hope he has a great future where [they are] able to get him in and out of vehicle, out of the home smooth and safe and fast," Johnson told FOX 26 after meeting Christian.

On Monday, the van complete with lift was ready.

"My back isn’t hurting today," Krystal said laughing. She would normally have to carry him in to take him out the chair and into a car seat.

Two weeks ago, Christian got a temporary chair to fit his needs while he permanent one is on the way.

It’s been a tough month for the little boy, but Mom is certain he feels all the support he’s gotten.

"I tell him. He may not fully understand or respond to me, but I feel like he feels it, too. He feels the love and that’s what so important to me," Krystal said.

Christian's permanent chair should be ready in a few more weeks. Now with the lift, Krystal says she won’t have to worry about assembling and breaking it down and she can take it into the house easily.  

Soon, Anthony  will also be putting in a ramp from the driveway to the house.