Special needs 6-year-old not dropped off at school

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A Cobb County mother is furious after she put her special needs son on a school bus, but found out two hours later he didn't arrive at school.

Mom Shelby Ball says she was frantic last Tuesday when her son's teacher texted her asking if he was sick.

She immediately told the teacher she had put him on the school bus at 6:05 a.m. and began wondering where he could be.

"I get a text from my son's teacher asking if he was out sick today? I had put him on the bus that morning to head to school. I found out he had not made it to school and I was scared and worried," Ms. Ball remarked.

When Ball, who was frantic, called the Cobb County School District’s Transportation Department, a dispatcher told her Kyler, who is visually and hearing impaired, fell asleep, but his mom still had questions.

"Kids fall asleep on the bus all the time that is normal. Why when he got to the school did the driver not check his bus to make sure all the students were off?" Ball questioned.

Shelby complains the district was slow to get back to her. She says they would not let her see the bus video nor tell her what the procedures are the bus driver is supposed to follow.

In a statement, the district tells FOX 5 News, "the student in question was never left alone on the bus and was safe from pick-up to drop-off."

Still, Ball wants more answers and is now contemplating hiring an attorney

"I feel like for the safety of not just my child, but all children-if you put them on the bus, we should know what happens to them the whole time they are on the bus," mom Ball reflected.