Serious car crash involving teen inspires petition for change on Post Road

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A car crash involving a student-athlete has caught the attention of Forsyth County residents, thousands of them.

The community is calling for road improvements at the intersection of Bentley and Post Roads, where a 16-year-old’s car was t-boned by a truck Monday morning.

“Just the amount of damage to the vehicle, it's amazing that she’s still here,” father of the teen driver, Scott Ordway said.

Zoe Ordway was trying to make a left-hand turn when she was T-boned by a Ford F-150.

While Zoe was cited for failing to yield, Ordway said the intersection is home to far too many accidents – something more than 5,000 people agree with, according to an online petition, including Republican State Senator Greg Dolezal.

Dolezal said there's a volume, speed, and vision issue on Post Road, where he’s lived for ten years.

“I went to the hospital of the Ordway family, and you see the immediacy of the issue when you walk in the hospital room and you see a 16-year-old girl, laying in a hospital bed who just got a rod put in her leg,” Ordway said.

Zoe remains at North Fulton Hospital, recovering from a broken sternum, pelvis, and femur.

“It's time,” mother Tricia Ordway said. “We're tired of reading and hearing about everyone that has gotten injured or lost their lives there.”

The family is being faced with mounting medical bills. They have set up an online account to help offset the costs. Anyone interested in learning more can click here.