Police: Man killed outside of lounge not involved in altercation

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Clayton County Police say the man killed in a shooting outside of a local lounge was not involved in the altercation that led to the shooting.

Police identified the victim Thursday as 25-year-old Curtis Lamar Wright of Jonesboro.

According to a news release, investigators do not believe Wright was an active participant in the altercation inside or outside the lounge when he was shot.

Video from inside of the Ice Bar Lounge and Restaurant captured the sounds of gunshots that left Wright dead and 3 others wounded.

Twitter user @ThisIsNyla shared with FOX 5 video she shot early Wednesday morning inside the IceBar at 5446 West Fayetteville Road.

The video shows chaos inside the business with fists flying, patrons screaming and tables overturning.

You can hear the gunshots and see people inside scrambling for cover.

Outside, Clayton County police investigators found the body of Wright.

Three other people went at the hospital with gunshot wounds but they're expected to survive. 

"The initial fight broke out and security broke that fight up.  Another fight broke out after that. Tables started getting thrown and bottles, poles thrown. Security officers were getting injured in there.  There were gunshots at that point and people started to flee from the business," explained Lieutenant Thomas Reimers with Clayton County Police from the scene Wednesday. 

In the news release, police stated they have not identified a suspect.

They ask anyone who may have information about or cellphone video of the altercation and/or shooting to come forward.