Paraprofessional donates kidney to assistant principal

A Fayette County assistant principal has been given a second chance at life thanks to a kindhearted paraprofessional at her school. 

Rebecca Niederfringer, a para-pro at Crabapple Lane Elementary School, decided to save Erin Yocom's life by donating her kidney to the assistant principal. 

Yocom was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease years ago. She's maintained a healthy lifestyle until recently when her kidneys began to fail quickly. 

Niederfringer learned about Yocom's failing health and offered the lifesaving donation. 

“It’s the most selfless gift anybody can give. She is truly changing my life,” Yocom said.

It didn't take long for fellow staff members to learn about Niederfringer's act of kindness. As a show of support, the school's staff, parents and students hosted a parade where they filled the halls and cheered, "kidney strong." The students and staff have also been raising money to cover both women's medical expenses. 

Donations can be dropped off at the front office of Crabapple Lane Elementary School, which is located at 450 Crabapple Lane in Peachtree City.