New business has attendants pump your gas for you

In Atlanta, and even in the suburbs, you take your chances of leaving your vehicle to put gas in your tank. 

Can you beat the odds that a thief won't come sliding by and open your door to snatch items or speed away, even with the nozzle still attached?

A young businessman believes you can beat those odds by using his company. It is called Gas Valet. When you pull up, a young person in a green T-shirt will offer to pump for you. 

And you don't even have to leave the steering wheel to pay. The worker will provide a portable terminal to run your credit card. 

Ben McFarlin, the owner, has struck a deal with a couple of gas stations to start. 

But he hopes to expand. His financial model is based on the motorists being so pleased with the service that they offer his employees tips. 

"I live right across the street," said one female driver who did not want to identify herself. "That this service is here, is awesome."